Craigslist Information: History & Legacy

craigslist autos for sale About Craigslist: A Brief History
Craigslist was launched in 1995 as a simple project by founder Craig Newmark. Its original intent was to be an email list for friends focused on the San Francisco Bay Area. Word of mouth grew the list and eventually a website was launched and Craigslist was incorporated in 1999. The popularity of Craigslist grew and today is in over 570 cities in 50 countries. It is one of the top 100 most popular sites on the internet and still maintains a minimal staff of less than 100.

craigslist auto scams A downside is that Craigslist has become a haven for scam artists and fraudsters. Given its nature of predominately free listings, local focus yet broad reach and plethora of categories; it has been used by scammers all over the world to rip people off. This isn't more apparent than in its most popular section the automotive for sale category. Learn more about the common scams and what to look out for on our Craigslist Scams page.

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The Future of Craigslist

Craigslist has been a free to post and use service since its inception in 1996 with the only exception being a few areas on the site. (Click For More Info) Rather it continues to be a free and safe place in the future depends mostly on how the users interact and conduct commerce through the site, rather it be for jobs, housing or general items. Here are a few guidelines that make CL safe for everyone.

•Don't spam Craigslist categories or use Craigslist to obtain info to spam users.
•Use common sense when on Craigslist and when meeting with people from CL
•Do your homework when buying or selling an item or hiring a service or gig
•Look up the company or individual offering a job, part-time work or service
•Use the dating services with caution and know that prostitution is common
•Obtain proper documentation when buying items that require it (like cars)