Stupid Posts & Humorous Ads

Craigslist has become as powerful a tool in society as the microwave oven

Sociology professors have said that the true heart of society plays itself out on Craigslist. Perhaps the staff at Craigslist knows this and in turn has provided us an opportunity to poke fun at ourselves. A big part of Craigslist is community moderation or flagging and Craigslist not only allows the user community the ability to negatively flag but positively flag as well. When Craigslist users find a ridiculously stupid post or hilarious ad, rather it be in personals, for sale, housing or any other category, they may flag for the best of Craigslist.

Best of Craigslist

The Best of Craigslist - Part of Flagging System

Like the other flagging selections Craigslist does not disclose how many flags it takes for a particular ad or post to make it to the all-time best of Craigslist category, which is a running list of flagged ads from all cities and categories. Many analysts speculate that it is quite a few flags in the hundreds or thousands as only a few new ads are added to the best of Craigslist category a week. This however changes from month to month and weekly.

The Pursuit of a Best of Craigslist Ad

The popularity and national exposure of the best of Craigslist section including newspaper, radio and television syndication has led many users to attempt to artificially create best of Craigslist ads. Because Craigslist is free to post and mostly anonymous it is easy for anyone to do this. When scrolling through the best of Craigslist list it is hard to decipher "fake" from "real" but perhaps that provides its own source of humor.

Guidelines for Making the All-Time Best of Craigslist Category

There are very few guidelines for making the best of Craigslist category, which are listed on the top of the best-of page. Craigslist also warns that persons under the age of 18 should not enter and also has a liability wavier for those over the age of eighteen.

•The Best of Craigslist postings are nominated through the flagging system bus Craigslist users and are not automatically endorsed by the Craigslist staff.
•The Best of Craigslist ads may and commonly including sexual, offensive, graphic, tasteless, racist and / or non-humorous material.
•If copyrighted material is found in the Best of Craigslist category and reported the staff at Craigslist will remove it.