Cars & Trucks For Sale on Craigslist

Craigslist is a great free resource for buying and selling both new and used vehicles. Rather it be a car, truck, van or SUV you can find great deals on cars from both dealers and private owners. Not matter what type of vehicle you are searching for on Craigslist be smart and safe. Please see the information below and on this site for more details.

Craigslist is a convenient and free online resource for posting your car, truck, van or SUV for sale. It is also a great place to buy vehicles at a bargain. The cars + trucks section is broken into both for sale by private party (owner) and for sale by dealer for both new and used cars.

Craigslist Vehicle Scams FACT: There are many craigslist vehicle scams to beware of. The most common craigslist vehicle scams include shipping cars, trucks, vans or SUVs. Also beware of ads that have vehicles priced way below market value. These are likely phishing scams, designed to obtain your personal info.

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Search all of Craigslist for Automobiles

Although Craigslist has a decent search capability built into the site itself, it can be limited for the user looking for something unique or rare. Part of the reason is because some of the Craigslist categories are very broad containing many different types of items and another cause is because the search functionality built into Craigslist is city by city only.

Outside third party websites have helped to alleviate this problem by providing a resource to search all of Craigslist at once. This is particularly useful for automobiles. If you are looking for a rare, unique, classic, and vintage or collector car these tools can be very valuable. Listed below are some of the best search tools for Craigslist.

Top Craigslist Auto Search Tools