Is The Craigslist Server Shut Down Today? rarely goes down. This is due in part to the hosting infrastructure that Craigslist has setup. The Craigslist website is hosted and served from several massive server stacks in their own cage located within the IO Data Center in Scottsdale, Arizona. The IO Data Center is a state of the art facility that is designed to handle very popular websites such as Craigslist.

Alexa Craigslist Traffic
According to Alexa, is the top 46th website in the world and 9th in the US with a Google PageRank of 7. The average number of page views is over 20 with an average time spent on it of nearly 15 minutes. Unlike other popular websites such as Twitter, Craigslist reaches all demographics including all ages, genders and education groups along with visitors browsing on mobile platforms.

Check Craigslist Site Status

There are several websites that allow a user to check any site's status including if it is online and functionality limitations if any. You will also find comments from users that may help you understand why you are having trouble viewing the page. Sometimes a website may be shut off from a certain set of problems such as DNS issues or ISP limitations.

Listed below are the top places to check the site status of

Top Craigslist Site Status Checkers