Craigslist Farm: Used Tractors, Heavy Equipment, Animals

The Craigslist Farm section is a diverse classifieds category that is a catchall for all sorts of outdoor items. From farm equipment to animals and everything in between, the farm for sale section on Craigslist is full of great deals on used farm related items.

Craigslist Farm For Sale

Listed below are the equipment, machinery and miscellaneous items utilized for farming.
For more information on garden specific equipment scroll to the bottom of this page

Soil Cultivation

• Cultivator, Cultipacker, Chisel Plow, Mulch Tiller
• Spike, Drag and Disk harrow
• Plow (or Plough)
• Power Tiller / Rotary Tiller / Rototiller
• Spading Machine, Subsoiler, Two-wheel Tractor
• Stone Picker, Rock Windrower (Rock Rake)
• Rotavator, Destoner, Bedtiller, Ridger, Roller.

Hay making

Bale Mover lifter, topper and wrapper, Baler and Big Baler, Conditioner, Hay rake and tedder, Mower, Loader wagon, self-loading wagon - used in Europe, but not common in USA

Harvesting / Post-Harvest

• Harvesters: Beet, Bean, Cane, Carrot, Combine, Corn, Forage, Potato, Sugarcane
• Equipment: Cart, Wagon, Mower, Rake, Reaper, Thresher, Tractor, Winnower
• Baler, Beet Cleaner Loader, Chaser Bin, Conveyor Blet, Cotton Picker
• Cradle (Grain), Fanning Mill, Flail, Gleaner, Grain Cleaner & Dryer
• Haulm Topper, Haulout Transporter, Potato Spinner/Digger, Reaper-Binder
• Rice Huller, Scythe, Sickle, Silage Trailer, Swather


Broadcast Seeder, Planter (Farm Implement), Plastic Mulch Layer, Potato Planter, Seed Drill, Air Seeder, Precision Drill, Transplanter, Rice Transplanter.

Fertilizing & Pest Control

Fertilizer Spreader, See Broadcast Seeder, Terragator, Liquid Manure / Slurry Spreader (Slurry Tanker), Manure Spreader, Sprayer, Slurry agitator.


Center Pivot and Drip Irrigation, Hydroponics.


Backhoe, Front End and Skid-Steer loaders.


Bulk tank, Milking Machine & Pipeline.

Produce sorter

Sorters that utilize: Weight, Color, Blemish, Diameter, Shape, Density, Internal/Taste.

Other Machinery

Allen Scythe, Grain auger, Feed grinder, Grain cart, Conveyor analyzer, Chillcuring, Shear Grab, Trailer, Power link box, Transport box, Bale trailer, Bale spike, Livestock trailer, Tractor mounted forklift, Buckrake, Bale splitter, Diet feeder, Hedge cutter, see flail mower, Post driver, Yard scraper.

Most Popular Craigslist Farm Cities

Top 20
New Hampshire, Atlanta, Minnesota, Kentucky, Nebraska, Vermont, Sacramento, Oklahoma City, Montana, Boise, Vermont, Dallas, Houston, Tulsa, Michigan, Minnesota, McAllen, Green Bay, Corpus Christi, Eau Claire WI.

Next 21-40
Phoenix, St. Louis, Wisconsin, Seattle, Joplin MO, Jackson TN, Inland Empire, Charlotte, Wyoming, San Diego, Sioux Falls, Denver, Milwaukee, Omaha, Rhode Island, Greenville South Carolina, Portland, Spokane, Rockford Illinois, Lexington.

Next 41-60
Kansas City, Arkansas, Tennessee, Indiana, Fayetteville AR, Maine, Lansing Michigan, Iowa, Chicago, Fargo, Eugene Oregon, South Dakota, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Cincinnati, Springfield MO, Oklahoma, Missouri, Tyler, Nashville

Last 61-80
Boston, Albany, Bend Oregon, Roseburg Oregon, Waco, Topeka, Bellingham, Pittsburgh, Salem Oregon, Austin, Arizona, Appleton, East TX, Kennewick, Columbia SC, Rochester MN, Virginia, Columbus, Duluth, Eastern NC.

Used Tractors For Sale - John Deere Craigslist

Tractors are popular farm equipment for sale on Craigslist. This are primarily used tractors and can be from a variety of manufactures including John Deer, Caterpillar and Kubota. This also includes varying tractor configurations, with different engines, fuels and transmission types. Compact utility, row-crop, backhoe loader, orchard.

Craigslist Farm Tractors

Craigslist Farm Tractors

Listed below is a comprehensive list of Farm Tractor Brands. See below for Garden Tractors (Riding Lawn Mowers)

Ag-Chem Equipment, AGCO, AGCO Dronningborg, Ag-Chem, Agromac Potato Equipment, Ariens, Art's-Way, B and H Manufacturing, Batco, Big Bud Tractors, Bobcat, Bourgault Industries, Brandt Industries, Briggs & Stratton, Brillion, Buhler, Bush Hog, Crary, Cub Cadet, Case IH, Caterpillar, Claas, Convey-all, CrustBuster, Cummins, Degelman Industries, Deutz-Fahr German, Deutz Fahr Italy, Ditch Witch, Dodge, Doepker Industries, Elmer's, Ezee-On Industries, Fendt, Flexi-Coil, Ford, Ford New Holland, Gehl, Hagie Manufacturing, Haying Mantis, Hi-Spec Engineering, Inland Steel, JCB, John Deere, Keenan Manufacturing, Kello-bilt Equip, Kinze, Kongskilde Industries, Krause Corp, Krone, Krone Niemeyer, Kubota, Kverneland, Landini, Landoll, Lely, Leon Manufacturing, Loewen Manufacturing, Lorenzo Manufacturing, MacDon Industries, Mandako, Mayrath, May-Wes, Mercedes Benz, Merlo, Melroe/Bobcat, Micro-Trak Systems,, Morris Industries Ltd, Motokov, Moulson's Land Rollers, N&S Manufacturing, National Agri-Services, New Noble, Precision Metal, Red Horse Technologies, Redrock Engineering, Schulte Manufacturing, Shelbourne Reynolds, StrongboxTruck Boxes, Sunflower Co., Sund Manufacturing, Sunnybrook Welding, Svensen Auger Spouts, Tyler, Universal tractor, Unverferth, Valmar Airflo, Valtra Valmet, Vermeer, Walinga, Wilrich Manufacturing, Woods Equipment, Yetter.

Animals, Livestock For Sale, Scale, Trailers

The Farm section on Craigslist Classifieds is a popular place to find cheap farm animals and in some case even ones for free. A common misconception is that it is not ok to sell farm animals because it is against Craigslist terms of use to sell pets. This is not the case when it comes to selling farm animals or livestock, along with trailers to go with them. Another popular item are livestock scales for weighing farm animals.

Craigslist Farm Animals

Craigslist Farm Animals - List

Listed below are the top 20 Farm Animals.

  1. Alpaca
  2. Banteng
  3. Bison
  4. Camel
  5. Cat
  6. Cattle
  7. Deer
  8. Dog
  9. Donkey
  10. Gayal
  11. Guinea Pig
  12. Horse
  13. Llama
  14. Mute
  15. Pig
  16. Rabbit
  17. Reindeer
  18. Sheep
  19. Water Buffalo
  20. Yak

Craigslist Garden Tractors: New & Used Tractors For Sale

Craigslist Garden

Craigslist Garden Services

• New Garden Tractor Sales
• Used Garden Tractor Sales
• Garden Tractor Service
• Replacement Parts
• Tractor Accessories

Craigslist Garden Tractor FACT: Garden, Lawn or Yard tractors come from a variety of manufactures and for many different uses. Rather you are looking to maintenance a one acre lot, a golf course or an entire community, a garden tractor is an efficient and effective way to keep lawns clean and kept. Even for those with smaller lots, utilizing a garden tractor is a a good choice.

Top 5 Garden Tractor Makers

Craigslist Kubota Tractors

Craigslist Kubota Tractors

Craigslist Husqvarna Tractors

Craigslist Husqvarna Tractors

Craigslist Cub Cadet Tractors

Craigslist Cub Cadet Tractors

Craigslist John Deere Tractors

Craigslist John Deere Tractors

Craigslist Craftsman Tractors

Craigslist Craftsman Tractors

Craigslist Toro Tractors

Craigslist Toro Tractors