How Craigslist Makes Money

Ever wonder... How does Craigslist make money? How is Craigslist Free?

The majority of Craigslist posting are free except for a minor few. Posting Jobs in 19 cities, Brokered apartment listings in New York and posts in therapeutic services on Craigslist sites in the United States all cost money. Besides these areas, every other category in the 570 cities Craigslist serves is free, making nearly 99.9% of the site free to post. Rather this will change or not is currently unknown, however if history repeats itself, Craigslist will likely add most sections and / or cities in the future where posting requires payment. For now enjoy 99.9% of Craigslist 100% free.

Cities Where Job posts cost money on Craigslist

The San Francisco Bay Area is the one unique city on Craigslist where posting a job in 1 of the 33 job categories cost $75 per post. Perhaps this is because the Craigslist headquarters is located in the Sunset District of San Francisco. The other 18 cities that cost $25 to post a job are as follows...

•Atlanta• •Austin• •Boston• •Chicago• •Dallas• •Denver• •Houston• •Los Angeles• •New York• •Orange County• •Philadelphia• •Phoenix• •Portland• •Sacramento• •San Diego• •Seattle• •South Florida• •Washington DC•

Craigslist Paid Jobs

Paying for Paid Posts

There are two methods for paying for Craigslist paid posts. The first method is to pay by credit card for each ad. The other method is to buy a block of ads and pay by check. With the check method a minimum of $675 worth of postings must be purchased at least once.

Having a paid account with Craigslist does not offer any additional benefit when posting in free sections such as Cars+Trucks for sale. It does however minimize any type of verification that Craigslist uses. This means that once you have a paid Craigslist account phone verification is typically not necessary.

Craigslist Free Advertising

Given that nearly 100% of Craigslist is free to post, it is arguably the best free resource to advertise goods and services for sale. Small to medium-sized local businesses of course have taken notice of this great free resource and have flooded the categories with business advertisements. Craigslist does its best by using an algorithm to police duplicate ads and the community flagging mechanism help with over posting; however recent tools such as auto posters and posting farms have allowed businesses to circumvent the system. Regardless, Craigslist remains a great resource for free advertising for businesses and individuals alike.

Free Craigslist Template

Free Craigslist Templates

Craigslist HTML templates and free Craigslist ad makers have seen a rise in popularity over the past few years. Craigslist allows HTML code in the posting description which gives the seller the ability to create a graphically designed advertisement and include active links to webpages. Creating HTML ads can be learned fairly easily, the more challenging part comes in designing graphics and hosting images. This is where free providers help and although they may have different reasons for providing free services they work well.

Free Classifieds Like Craigslist

Although Craigslist is by far the most popular online classifieds website in the US and perhaps the world, there are many similar sites that have varying degrees of popularity in different regions. Similarly Craigslist tends to be more or less popular in different regions and from category to category in different cities. Some other popular online classifieds websites are listed below.

•OLX Classifieds
•eBay Classifieds & Kijiji
•eBay Classifieds

Free Craigslist Posting Software

There are many companies that offer completely free or trial auto posters for Craigslist. These products are typically aimed at business owners that are looking to utilize Craigslist as a free marketing / advertising tool. The challenge however is that for the most part what these tools look to do is in violation of the Craigslist terms of use and thus should be used with caution. Most Craigslist auto posting tools attempt to circumvent the Craigslist algorithm by using tokenization of key phrases, proxies to avoid IP detection among other devices. One of the biggest challenges of course is obtaining Phone Verified Accounts and thus the many scams surround this.

Free Craigslist Flagging Software

Flagging on Craigslist is a controversial and mysterious topic that has left many puzzled as to how it works. Craigslist has neglected to give out the exact formula for how many flags a post needs before it comes down and many speculate that it varies city to city and category to category. Many businesses seek to squash out competition by flagging competing business ads. Thus opens up the market for Craigslist auto flagging software. Proceed with caution, and understand these are in violation of Craigslist terms of use.