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Craiglist has the best deals on cheap new and used iPods. This includes the iPod Touch, Nano, Shuffle and Classic. Craigslist has iPods from every generation include 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and the 5th and 6th for the Nano and Classic. For the iPod Touch Craigslist features 8, 32 and 64 GB models. For the Shuffle Craigslist sellers offer both 2 and 4 gigabyte models and for the 80, 120 and 160 GB models for the classic and all hard drive capacities for the Nano.

Craigslist Apple iPod

Brief History of Apple iPod: Software, Design, iTunes

The iPod was first released by Apple Inc. on November 10, 2001 and serve as both portable media players and external storage devices. The iPod Classic, the first model utilizes a traditional hard drive based design while all other models utilize flash memory which allows for a smaller physical size. The only exception to this was the now discontinued mini which used a Microdrive or mini hard drive. Storage space for the iPod models range from as low as 512 MB to 160 GB.

Craigslist iPod Touch 4th Generation

Craigslist iPod Touch 4g The iPod Touch also known as the iTouch marks a step forward in the ability and design of the iPod. Not only can the iPod Touch play music and store files, but it has become popular as a personal digital assistant, handheld game console and Wi-Fi mobile device. Somewhat crossing over into mechanism first introduced by the iPhone, the iPod Touch utilizes a multi-touch graphical user interface and wireless access to the iTunes and Apple's App store. As of March 2011, Apple has sold over 60 million iPod Touch units. The 4th generation features a front facing camera for FaceTime, as well as 720p quality photo and video.



*Pictured below are popular Apple iPod items for sale on Craigslist.

Craigslist iPod Classic

iPod Classic (80, 120, 160 GB)

New & Used Prices from $95-$195

Craigslist iPod Nano

Craigslist iPod Nano (8, 16 GB)

New & Used Prices from $50-$125

Craigslist iPod Shuffle

iPod Shuffle 4th Generation

New & Used Prices from $15-$55

Craigslist iPod Touch

iPod Touch 4g (8, 32, 64 GB)

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