Auto Posting / Flagging Tools & Services

There are many companies that offer completely free or trial auto posters for Craigslist. These products are typically aimed at business owners that are looking to utilize Craigslist as a free marketing / advertising tool. The challenge however is that for the most part what these tools look to do is in violation of the Craigslist terms of use and thus should be used with caution. Most Craigslist auto posting tools attempt to circumvent the Craigslist algorithm by using tokenization of key phrases, proxies to avoid IP detection among other devices. One of the biggest challenges of course is obtaining Phone Verified Accounts and thus the many scams surround this.

Craigslist Posting Tool

Craigslist Flagging Tool

Flagging on Craigslist is a controversial and mysterious topic that has left many puzzled as to how it works. Craigslist has neglected to give out the exact formula for how many flags a post needs before it comes down and many speculate that it varies city to city and category to category. Many businesses seek to squash out competition by flagging competing business ads. Thus opens up the market for Craigslist auto flagging software. Proceed with caution, and understand these are in violation of Craigslist terms of use.